Coding for All!  Coding is a language that all students need to have experiences.  Within this year long academy, you will learn how to incorporate coding into your day-to-day lessons.  Teaching coding doesn’t have to be one more thing.  It can be integrated into lessons to increase student engagement, learning and 21st century skills.  


This one day workshop is focused on the fundamentals of Google Apps For Education (GAFE). The basics for Google Drive, including Documents, Sheets, Slides, Draw, and Form will be reviewed. You will also learn how to share and edit these fundamental apps with your colleagues. The workshop will also include a review of Gmail and Google Calendar, including organizing, sharing events & creating contacts. 

As a program of EducationPlus, the Midwest Education Technology Community (METC) ISTE affiliate is dedicated to assisting the education community through support, promotion, and leadership in the effective use of educational technology. Established in 2010 and consisting of educators from the Missouri area and beyond, METC ISTE affiliate allows anyone in education to join our collaborative community.
This section is for the METC Planning and Advisory Committee to share and collaborate in order to plan and support EdTech opportunities.

This is for the students from area school districts who support the efforts of the METC conference.