Join us for a day of fun and problem solving — where computing meets making and design. This two-day workshop will foster discussion and collaboration and is completely hands-on using project based learning and design thinking activities. Participants will have the opportunity to tinker with a range of low- and high-tech construction materials. Beginning with essential questions, we will explore many strategies and practices available to Maker educators--Makerspace and PBL processes that include: LEGO Blocks, littleBits, squishy electronics, Sphero, wearable computing, Arduino, recycling and robotics, and coding and more…all of which allow educators and students to share, engage, explore and collaborate on their learning journey together.|

This class is an introduction to computer coding and programming that will leave you thirsty for more! In this STEM-related workshop, coding is presented using drag and drop programming in a hands-on, game-like constructivist atmosphere. Participants will have the opportunity to explore the basics of programming by completing a series of engaging tasks and puzzles that will develop skills needed to create interactive art, stories or simulations, or perhaps, their own game! In addition, participants will apply their newly acquired drag and drop coding skills to robotics! Resources will be available for learners of all ages and grade levels.  Participants will leave the workshop with a basic understanding of how computer programs work, their language, and a desire to share the excitement of learning how to code with their students.  No prior knowledge of coding required.

Heard of Moodle, but don't have a clue what it's all about? This workshop is for you! Find out what this powerful course management system is, how to use it as the one stop website for your class, and how to get your own for free. Hands-on practice included.