The St. Louis Leadership Academy is a nationally recognized, professional development opportunity for school leaders from the St. Louis region.  Participants use the Missouri Model Leader Standards as a framework for exploring effective leadership practices.  Academy fellows meet at various sites in the St. Louis area fourteen times throughout the school year. In addition, members participate in the Leadership Academy which brings together members of all seven Missouri Leadership Academies for fall, winter, and spring convocations and opportunities to learn collectively. Academy participants are selected through an application process that reflects demonstrated leadership and a diverse representation of the St. Louis region.

The academy is an on-going professional development cohort of teachers selected through application. We focus on instructional strategies and sharing best practices.

In Teachers Academy Cohort, members pursue an area of personal growth and development with the support of their academy colleagues. Our continuing focus is on sharing and developing best practices in instructional strategies.

MELL has been working all year to develop the ELD Standards Academy designed for school teams made up of General Education Teachers, ELL Specialists, Instructional Coaches, and Administrators.  The four part Academy will be offered at CSD this Spring.
Participants in the Academy will:
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the knowledge and skills of English language learners at different language proficiency levels.
  • Integrate the WIDA English Language Proficiency Standards and content standards into classroom curriculum, instruction, and assessment.
  • Use data from ACCESS for ELLs®, state achievement tests, and classroom assessment to inform planning and instruction.
  • Use research-based practices to scaffold content and build academic language proficiency in English.

NOTE:  The Academy will also be offered in other locations at other times.  If you have questions, please contact:  Debra Cole at