The initial Education Blended Learning Team (BLT) who are working together to learn and develop blended learning courses and workshops.  The game is afoot!

This is an online learning course for the Beginning Teacher Assistance Program. Participants will be working virtually to complete the activities and share their learning online over 8 weeks. 

The Beginning Teacher Assistance Program (BTAP) is designed to support teachers new to the profession by providing a solid foundation in the following areas:

Classroom Environment

  •  Classroom management techniques 
  •  Time, space, transitions and activities management
  •  Awareness of diverse classroom, school and community cultures 

Student Engagement and Motivation  

    • Effective instruction 
    • Clear learning goals and/or objectives 
    • Student voice and choice
    • Teaching and learning activities with high student engagement 

Professional Communication

    • Effective communication with students, mentors, colleagues and parents; 
    • Verbal and nonverbal communication techniques; and 
    • Effective use of technology and social media for communication

Education-Related Law 

    • Certification requirements 
    • Professional rights and responsibilities 
    • Self-assessment and professional learning

This course satisfies the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Beginning Teacher Assistance Program (BTAP)  requirement for participation in a university/college-sponsored mentoring program. Certificates of attendance will be provided when course is complete.