Learn how to record digital audio broadcasts, edit them and upload them to the web in this class.  Teachers can use this new technology to create podcasts of their lectures and class discussions so that students can listen to them again for reinforcement, or students who were absent can catch up on missed work.  Learn how to create assignments that require students to create their own original podcasts.  Help your auditory learners and motivate reluctant learners with this technology tool.

The Flipped Classroom is one in which teacher presentations are videotaped, and students have a chance to watch on their own time. Then during class, the students practice what they have learned under the guidance of the teacher. This workshop will explore various online resources for “flipping” your class, and will explore how to use a digital Flip Camera, and IWB software like SMART and Promethean to create your own flipped class. Discover the time-saving features of IWB & Flip software and how easy it is to share your videos online, through email, or e-card. You will also learn how to effectively remove an image from the video segments using the Flip software, and take screenshots using your IWB. Finally, participants will learn how to convert videos and use them to “flip” the classroom or include them in multimedia projects.

In this class, participants will explore new ideas to create multimedia presentations that meet MO Learning Standards requirements for using writing, media literacies, and technology skills.  They will check out technology applications that meet the College and Career Readiness standards and use Google Drawing, Forms, and Presentations for interactive presentations.  They will select technology applications such as SMore, Piktochart, Easel.ly and more to create online newsletters and infographics and learn how to communicate with parents and students with online digital newsletters that work on mobile platforms. 

Help your students create their own digital stories by experiencing the process yourself.  This workshop teaches the pre-production, production, and post-production phases of movie-making.  You will have an opportunity to choose one of 3 easy software programs to use and walk away with your own 3-5 minute movie and lots of ideas to help your students create one.

Students and teachers are spending more time on the web, both in and out of school, more than ever.  In this workshop, participants will dive into the world of Web Apps that give students the ability to create, not just consume.  Participants will discover websites for producing video, mixing and recording audio, and publishing websites, documents, and more. All the Web Apps will be great on Chromebooks in the classroom.