Customized professional learning created specifically for a school/district.

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This is a blended learning course for the Beginning Teacher Assistance Program, modified for the Fort Zumwalt School District. Participants will be working both face-to-face and virtually to complete the activities and share their learning online over 4 weeks. 

The Beginning Teacher Assistance Program (BTAP) is designed to support teachers new to the profession by providing a solid foundation in the following areas:

Classroom Environment

  •  Classroom management techniques 
  •  Time, space, transitions and activities management
  •  Awareness of diverse classroom, school and community cultures 

Student Engagement and Motivation  

    • Effective instruction 
    • Clear learning goals and/or objectives 
    • Student voice and choice
    • Teaching and learning activities with high student engagement 

Professional Communication

    • Effective communication with students, mentors, colleagues and parents; 
    • Verbal and nonverbal communication techniques; and 
    • Effective use of technology and social media for communication

Education-Related Law 

    • Certification requirements 
    • Professional rights and responsibilities 
    • Self-assessment and professional learning

This course satisfies the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Beginning Teacher Assistance Program (BTAP)  requirement for participation in a university/college-sponsored mentoring program. Certificates of attendance will be provided when course is complete.

This course was specifically designed for the Bayless High School Staff as a full day of customized professional development. 

Customized professional development for SAMR and ISTE Student Standards - September 2016

CPD (Customized Professional Development) for the Bayless School District Administrative Team. This long-term academy meets 5 times during the 2016-17 school year. Specific outcomes include digital leadership, and technology integration using SAMR, digital citizenship and ISTE Standards.