The Collaborative Work project highlights three areas of growth: effective teaching and learning practices; common formative assessments; and data-based decision making. The opportunity to individualize and build on what each district has in place will allow us to go deeper and in each of these areas. 

Collaborative data teams allow educators to work interdependently to study and communicate the impact of their teaching, using evidence of student progress to improve outcomes for all students. These teams set the stage for data inquiry, during which the focus shifts from how students work to how students think.

All of the ORIGINAL Learning Packages are included here - for consultants use.  Leave the originals here - after editing, save as your own. After modifying a resource for your particular school, put that resource into your schools Moodle course. 

Collaborative Work Project in Missouri - St. Louis Regional Professional Development Center (RPDC) - consultant resources, contact information, and school/district assignments.