Our METC is excited to offer a focused academy on the MakerEd Movement for educators who enjoy inventing, designing and tinkering, and believe creativity and innovation are catalysts for student engagement. Maker and design thinking experiences foster a culture of asking questions, solving problems, and develop an "I can do that!" confidence in young people. When we combine problem-solving activities with technology, and the basics of rapid prototyping and digital fabrication, the sky's the limit!

In this creative and engaging academy, you will experience a challenging and collaborative environment. The MakerEd Academy is open to anyone interested in creating habits of active thinking. You will learn the basics of making and building rough prototypes by hand using simple tools such as paper, glue, and tape, as well as experience 3D printing. We will also explore Makerspace ideas, design a space, and curate resources for a successful Maker environment.

MakerEd Academy Participants will:

  • Engage in discussions and MakerEd excursions
  • Reflect on personal learning through online chats & discussion forums
  • Collaborate and curate resources & ideas for designing and making
  • Construct an online system of support for a successful Makerspace
  • Apply technology tools appropriately and effectively by focusing on the ISTE Standards
  • Explore contemporary and emerging technology resources to support all learners
  • Experience the importance of self-directed learning & professional learning networks