This is an online learning course for the University of Kansas XTREME Reading program.  Throughout the year, participants will participate in face to face professional development and in this virtual course to learn how to teach XTREME Reading.   Participants may use this course as the initial professional development, a refresher after face to face sessions, and/or a vehicle for sharing ideas and experiences.  

XTREME Reading is a reading program designed for middle and high school students who are struggling with reading and need intensive, systematic intervention to improve their reading.  The program was created for students who are at least two years below grade level and ideally are reading at least at third grade level.  Other students who do not fit this profile may also benefit.  The XTREME Reading strategies, which are research-based, evidence-validated strategies, include word-level decoding, vocabulary, and comprehension strategies as well as fluency practice.  Classroom management, motivation, goal setting and other components make this a comprehensive, effective reading program.  

A certificate of completion will be provided at the end of the course.