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    Welcome to the St. Louis Assessment Resources Collaborative


    A group of educators interested in Data and Assessment.  Anyone interested in joining this Professional Learning Network for support and collaboration should contact:

    Leaders: Bertha Doar & Michael Neill

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      This area is to share the PLN purpose and focus areas.

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      This section is to share the current membership information, including how to join and who is currently a member.

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       This section is for sharing the meeting agenda's and minutes.

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      This is an area to share meeting dates, online chats, and other PLN events we host.

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        This area is for sharing social media connections, online collaboration, discussion forums, and live chats.

      • PD Opportunities

        This section is for members to share their school/district PD opportunities open for others. It will also serve as an area for local and regional organizations to share PD opportunities.

      • Resources

        This is a list of valuable resources for our PLN needs.

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          This is a section devoted to previously created portals of information. We cherish this valuable information as we move forward with our learning and sharing.